Feb 19-20, 2021

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mir·ror |  ˈmir-ər , ˈmi-rər 

1: a polished or smooth surface (as of glass) that forms images by reflection. She looked at herself in the mirror. 2a: something that gives a true representationthe press as a mirror of public opinion — C. G. Bowers b: an exemplary model - She is the mirror of feminine beauty.

mirrored; mirroring; mirrors

transitive verb
1: to reflect in or as if in a mirror




win·dow |  ˈwin-(ˌ)dō

1a: an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is usually closed by casements or sashes containing transparent material (such as glass) and capable of being opened and shut


c: a space behind a window of a retail store containing displayed merchandised: an opening in a partition or wall through which business is conducteda bank teller's window

2: a means of entrance or accessespecially: a means of obtaining informationa window on history

3: an opening (such as a shutter, slot, or valve) that resembles or suggests a window

4: the transparent panel or opening of a window envelope

5: the framework (such as a shutter or sash with its fittings) that closes a window opening

6: CHAFF sense 4

7: a range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum to which a planet's atmosphere is transparent

8a: an interval of time within which a rocket or spacecraft must be launched to accomplish a particular mission

b: an interval of time during which certain conditions or an opportunity existsa window of vulnerability

9: an area at the limits of the earth's sensible atmosphere through which a spacecraft must pass for successful reentry

10: any of various rectangular boxes appearing on a computer screen that display files or program output, that can usually be moved and resized, and that facilitate multitasking out the window: out of existence, use, or consideration

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1a: the physical makeup of an animal and especially a human body: PHYSIQUE, FIGURE

b: something composed of parts fitted together and united

2a: the underlying constructional system or structure that gives shape or strength (as to a building)

b: a frame dwelling

3a: an open case or structure made for admitting, enclosing, or supporting something

(1) frames plural : that part of a pair of glasses other than the lenses
(2): a part of a pair of glasses that holds one of the lenses

c: a structural unit in an automobile chassis supported on the axles and supporting the rest of the chassis and the body

d: a machine built upon or within a framework, a spinning frame
4a: an enclosing border

b: the matter or area enclosed in such a border:
such as (1): an individual drawing in a comic strip usually enclosed by a bordering line (2): one picture of the series on a length of film (3): one of the squares in which scores for each round are recorded (as in bowling) also: a round in bowling (4): a complete image for display (as on a television set)c: an inning in baseballd

(1): FRAMEWORK sense 1a(2): CONTEXT, FRAME OF REFERENCE: an event that forms the background for the action of a novel or play


6 obsolete : the act or manner of framing

framed; framing

transitive verb

1: to enclose in a frame

2a: to give expression to: FORMULATE, frame a rule that brings order into our perceptions— Virginia Woolf

b: to draw up (something, such as a document)frame a written constitutionc: PLAN, CONTRIVE framed a new method of achieving their purposed: SHAPE, CONSTRUCT  frame a figure out of clay

3a: to contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assuredHe claims that he was framed for the murder.

b: to devise (something, such as a criminal charge) falselyframe a case against a neighbor to get rid of himc: FIX sense

 The wrestling matches were framed.4: to construct by fitting and uniting the parts of the skeleton of (a structure)frame a house

5: to fit or adjust especially to something or for an end: ARRANGE framed the test to evaluate students' understanding of the material6obsolete : PRODUCE
intransitive verb

1archaic: PROCEED, GO 2obsolete : MANAGE

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